Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A new couch

...yay, it finally arrived our new couch!!! We only waited like five weeks for the delivery (considering we ordered an "in-stock" item)....but it was so worth waiting for.
For 11 years we have been parking our bums on the most uncomfortable and ugly couch you could ever imagine, but at the time we had no choice. It was either sit on the floor or get the only couch in the shop, which would fit trough our front door. And Sod's Law meant that this was the ugliest and smallest couch on the planet.

During the last two years Ugly turned into nasty as well, starting to fall apart and we had to shove cardboard and extra cushions on the seating area, just so we wouldn't cut out behinds open with the springs that were poking through.

So, why didn't we get a new couch sooner? Trust me, we tried....saving all our money and once we had it all together some major repairs on the house threw a spanner in the works. But this year we finally got what we craved for so long and in all honesty, it was great that we waited so long because the style and colour fits like a glove.

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And even more amazing is that the yarn I bought last year when I did not even know we would get a purple couch, well it matches! So my crochet blanket worked out perfect.
Wanna see?

Of course you do 
('scuse the slight blurr)

You know what? I think I have done a fantastic job with my first ever crochet project.
I know, I know one should be modest but darn it - I am so proud of my blanket, why shouldn't I show it off, hu?

I also finished a lace pattern armrest cover, but I haven't taken a picture of the full cover yet  - but here is one of the six circle/leaf bits that make up the cover

The pattern is taken from the book {{Simple Stylish Crochet}}, which I ADORE. There are a number of poncho's, cardigans and long vests that I cannot wait to crochet and the above pattern is actually supposed to be part of a stunning cardigan

I also finished yet another block from the {{200 Crochet Blocks}} book - let's see if I can make them all during this year.

Block 181 - Begonia

And here is my first Hexagon - thanks to the wonderful tutorial from {{Attic 24}} and the gorgeous yarns from {{Purple Linda Crafts}}. The colours make me happy - if only I didn't use such a high setting on the iron. As you can see the block is really flat and you can't see much texture...well, I rather screw up the first one than a whole blanket full of them

Oh and in crafty news...have you seen my wonderful new badge on the right hand side of the menu?
Yup, I am a Guest Designer in Februray for {{Kenny K Downloads}}...wooooohooooo  - how exciting!


  1. Great new couch.. even better the blanket matches.. yay! Congrats on the GDT at Kenny K! If you are not too busy between all of that, there is a Dt call over at My Partner in Crafting Crime and your scrap pages/tags/cards would be wicked to see there! Robin

  2. Awesome couch and your blanket is beautiful. It's ok to be proud of your work.

  3. Oh my! The couch is wonderful!!! Looks so comfy with your gorg blanket on it! You are a talented girl! And that square with all the color... I would die and go to heaven wrapped up in one of that much awesome! You rawk!

  4. Love your new couch, Kim! How exciting for you, and how cool that your awesome crocheted blanket works perfectly with it. Cannot believe that is your first ever crochet project. You totally rock, my friend!! My DD taught herself how to knit before Christmas, and I am just in awe of all you talented ladies. Seems so confusing to me. ;)

  5. perfektion in reinkultur!! :))
    sieht klasse aus, mit der decke und auch ohne!! ;)
    congrats on your guest-dt-spot!! :))

  6. Your blanket is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, Kimmy! Wow...I can't believe that's your first project. I want to steal your blanket...I love it so much! :)

  7. oh my - your sofa looks amazing and the blanket WOW. I love it and I now know my next crochet project will be a granny square throw!

  8. ooh i'd love to have that couch! mine is getting pretty raggedy too, bleh. your blanket looks amazing with it and i'm so proud of you for sticking with it! big huge congrats on your guest gig!

  9. The couch and blanket look absolutely perfect, I hope you get to relax on it an awful lot :)
    Hope you are doing well!

  10. Oh, I am so jealous! I need a new couch so badly LOL! but I refuse until my kiddos are at the age where they won't jump on it...spill on it...well, at least not as much as they do now! You are the crochet goddess extraordinaire too!!! Such beautiful work!


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