Sunday, 20 March 2011

WIP - Sunday

What a marvellous day it was was yesterday - almost like a summer's day; so what did I do?
I stayed in and scrapped...yah, I am THAT pathetic.

In my defence I was anticipating that today would be as brilliant and sunny as yesterday, so we decided to do all our "doings" like cleaning up the balcony and re-potting plants today..well, that backfired good and proper.

On the other hand, I got quite some stuff done and might still do my "gardening" later on if it stays dry.

As for my weekly WIP update, you will most possible get a I-have-seen-THOSE-before-for-sure-moment looking at the picture, and you would be right. This was a previous WIP seen{{here}}, but while I carried on with the blanket I noticed that I made a mistake with the alternating pattern.
Of course you could argue that it may not be noticed by others, but the thing is I KNOW it's wrong, so it will stick out like a sore thumb to me. So, I unravelled what I previously did and started again (not the individual squares but the joining together bits). This time I fancied a white edge along each triple set, so this is where I am at right now

But I also managed to create another pillow case (my fave so far), it only took me two days of ferry travel to finish it

And to finish of my weekend post with the traditional paper-crafty-bit, let me share a tag and card with you.
Happy Sunday everyone!

Tag: Rusty Pickle ** Papers: Lily Bee Design ** Other: Embroidery Floss, Zig Millenium pen

Cardstock: Papermill ** Papers: Lily Bee Designs ** Stamp: Papermania ** Ink: Stampin' Up


  1. well i am going back to see the mistake, but if nobody noticed it, i think you're CRAZY for starting it over!

    goodness me, that pillowcase is GORJE. i love the colours and the spacing is PERFECT!

    this tag and card you've posted here? yesh, can i borrow an itty bit of your mojo, please? they're fab. i love those simple raised circles. LOVE 'em.

  2. What a fun pillowcase! You amaze me how quickly you can make these beauties! And super cute scrappy goodies. Love the fun kitsch of the tag and the polka dots on the card. I LOVE those raised circles. :)

  3. your crochet projects look amazing! loooooooooove that pillowcase :) super cute tag and card too!


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