Tuesday, 22 March 2011


And in other SUPER EXITING news...have a look-see

That is one super-special gig for me, purely because of the way it came all together...

You see, I applied for the {{GCD Studios}} DT spot, as I love the Product Designers they work with one of which being {{Donna Salazar}}.
At the same time Donna held a call for her DT as well and I was seriously contemplating applying for that gig too, because I love Donna's style, her products and the various manufacturers who produce some of her stuff

Yeah, I know - that's the mother-load, right?

So, I was ooohming and ahhing but thought it would be really greedy to go for both, GCD and Donna, seeing that you also get GCD product if chosen for Donna's Team - what if I would have gotten both? That would have been unfair to other crafters. I have to stress though that I was never under the impression that I seriously WOULD get both gigs but you just don't know...so I just kept the GCD submission going.

Then I got an email from Heidi Sonbul, the GCD DT Coordinator who advised me that she forwarded my submission to be also considered for Donna Salazar's call and my heart jumped with joy!
How cool was that?

The GCD DT reveal came and I was sad not to see my name on the list and when the GDT was announced and I didn't make that list I became even sadder - only to find and email from Donna herself a few days later  in my inbox, inviting me to join her team!!!
OMGosh, I was so over the moon happy - It was SO meant to be becoming part of Donna's team and I cannot wait to get started.

Oh and another quirky thing surrounding this DT call - a few months back one of my older (as in I have known her for quite some time) online friends came across my blog again and we started to "re-kindle" our friendship - only to find out that we are BOTH on Donna's team now...if that isn't fate, then I don't know.

Thanks for letting me be so exited about it.

By the way, I will be offline for a few days as it is my birthday on Friday and I have taken the next two days off.So Mr P is taking me out - and seeing that this old woman her needs five days these days to get over a hangover, don't expect any sensible posts from me this week :)))


  1. WHEEEEE! That is one awesome gig! CONGRATS, sweetie!

  2. wohoooooooooooo!!!!! thats awesome sweetie!! Im so happy for you!!

    <3 Katarina

  3. Yay that's fantastic news Kimmie.
    Huge congratulations you so deserve it!!!

  4. Congratulations Kim! So happy for you!!

  5. YAY!!! Congrats on making the team!!

  6. Oooh Congats!!! Looking forward to seeing your projects!

  7. OMG! No way!! Your DT story was a wee similar with mine- the forwarding mail thingy. Above all I am so excited to be in the same team as you. congrats!!

  8. WOW that is fantastic news - Congratulations Kim!!! What a fun story!!!

  9. SO, SO excited to be working with you on this new team! Your story sounds just like mine! :)
    Maybe it is fate, huh??

  10. loving this post and all the excitement...I wanted to try out for gcd too but the time commitment was too long for me....keep trying though; it's all about timing....

  11. I forgot to mention that you totally rocked it at TS this week...your layout was my absolute favorite!

  12. Congratulations on the DT! That's awesome! And talk about the fates being aligned at just the right time!

  13. Hey girlie girl! I love the way you got the whole story written out here! Your blog is such fun to read. :)

    Smooches ~D~

  14. so sorry i'm coming in so late here, but BIG HUGE CONGRATS!!! i'm so happy for you :)

    and i got you on FB, but i'll say again, happy belated birthday :)

  15. Happy birthday to you too - mine was on the 29th! And congrats on the DS DT - my friend Jessy also made it!


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