Friday, 8 April 2011

Crochet Friday

I know, I know I haven't shown many crochet WIP's (Work In Progess) lately - mainly because I have to FP's (Finished Projects) and only one WIP, which you already know - see {{this post}}.

Last week I took delivery of the final 1200g of yarn to finish bluey
Yarns purchased from:
Bluey is slowly taking shape but because I have decided that it will become a bed-throw, it has turned into a bigger project than initially thought.
I think I have another month to go before it will be finished - but I am not complaining, I love hooking that particular pattern.

And then there was another parcel, the colourful contents make me so happy - but this is only the top row, there are 10 more colours hidden behind :)
Yarns purchased from:

But let me show you what I razzled up last week - I was so quick, that I never had the time to show it to you as a WIP, so here is the FP - a summer scarf/wrap
The pattern is so easy it's not even funny, yet it looks so intricate. Let me tell you - all you really need to be able to do to create the patters is to count to seven and crochet a chain. Yup, continuous hooking of chains of seven is ALL that is required for the main pattern of the scarf. This is going to be a birthday present for Mr P's mum and seeing that she neither has the internet nor has any interest in web surfing, I can be sure she won't be seeing this.

Time to complete: 14 hours
Yarn: King Cole Premier DK (250g total)
Cost: £3.73 (yup...I am NOT kidding)

And while I was at it, I hooked up a table-mat-circle-thingy.
Pattern: Drops Garnstudio

It was supposed to be a Christmas Tree Skirt but I figured that with a smaller hook and thinner yarn it would make a great table-mat-circle-thingy.

Time to complete: 3 hours
Yarn: King Cole Premier DK, shade 265 (40g total)
Cost: £0.59 (I am still not kidding...)

Not sure if you have noticed but on the left and right hand side of my blog, I add pictures and quick links to the crochet books I have read and from which I generally take my patterns. If you are thinking of taking up crocheting and are looking for some good books, they are the ones I recommend.


  1. WOW! I am in awe of your hookin skills!


    that didn't sound right, but the meaning is still the same! :) Those blow my mind!

  2. OH my you are certainly talented! THe doily is just divine!! You could use a whole lot of mini ones on a page...yummo!!!

  3. OMGoodness, these are so awesome! I LOVE your scarf. Cannot, cannot believe that it was easy. And what a cool table thingy! It, too, looks so intricate and involved. Really gorgeous work, girl!

  4. omg kimmy you are just amazing, i swear! that scarf/wrap is totally beautiful and your table circle thingie is just gorgeous! you are seriously making me consider taking crochet up again!

  5. Wow, your scarf/wrap is just gorgeous! I started crochet about a year ago and then haven't done it in ages but after seeing that I am really itching to go and find my hooks and learn some more! :)


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