Thursday, 26 May 2011

Charity Shop finds

I love charity shops - there is nothing like rummaging through stuff others discarded and finding many a treasure amongst it. Especially little bits and bobs for my balcony garden.

Want proof?

Looksey here, for a mere quid this beauty was hooting my name

How can you not love him? And he is one heavy lil' bugger too.

And what about this goose? Came in a set of two at £1.99 - so cute

And recently I have started an obession with jugs/milk pots. Pretty much every time when I step into the charity shop underneath our flat, I come home with yet another jug. So far, I have scooped up three within the last month. Let me show you my two faves so far.

79p for this green jug, which hosts one of my tomato plants:

This one was £2.49 - LOVE it to keep any broken off Sweet William fresh for a while. The flower you can see in this picture has been sat in this jug for almost four weeks and only now starts to wilt a little:

Right now I am kicking myself because there was a similar jug to the colourful one above the other day and I did not have enough money on me. It was either three fabulous plant pots or one jug, so I went for the pots and thought I get the jug later...yah, BIG mistake...of course it wasn't there anymore when I came back. 

Better luck next time, eh?


  1. I am so right there with you, Kim!! I love charity shops, resale shops, thrift shops.......anywhere I can find tons of awesome old junk. Love, love your recent finds. :)

  2. You're very lucky. You seem to have such great stuff in yours. I do love the owl. As your shop is so close how can you not go in, right?
    I got a brand new glass Krosno fruit bowl last time I visited a charity shop for just $15. A steal.

  3. great finds!! Check out my last blog post on the stuff I found last week xx


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