Friday, 24 June 2011

Duck Tales

Most of you have probably figured out by now that Mr P. and I can be somewhat quirky and childish, right? 
Well, there is nothing wrong with embracing your inner child and once in a while you just have to give in to a little bit of silly.

So, here is the story of Duckie.

Duckie came to live with us towards the end of last year, when I decided that I wanted to collect rubber ducks. He is definitely my favourite and that shows as he has a specific and prominent place in the bathroom.
Duckie resides on top of our chest of drawers, sat right in the middle of it.

Now, why is it important that he sits right in the middle? Purely because Mr. P had the tendency to move Duckie a little to the left or right, back or front, when he used the top of the drawer to leave some of his stuff on there, while he was in the bathroom.

Now I am REALLY anal about how and where things have to be (I would say I am borderline OCD in that respect). So, whenever I went into the bathroom and saw that Duckie was not moved back into the middle of his space, I hyperventilated.
And as it continued, I flipped - well, not flipped as in "foaming-at-the-mouth-sword-in-hand-screaming". But as in "nagging-the-crap-out-of-Mr-P-for-not-moving-things-back-into-place".

Mr P. actually thought it was hilarious that it bothered me so much and started his little game with Duckie and me. Once in a while Duckie disappeared from his usual spot and was placed somewhere else within the bathroom...

On top of the pot-pourie

Inside my bathrobe

And the other day I found Duckie hanging from the ceiling.... I could not bring myself to take a picture of that one, even though it made me giggle at the time.

Mr P. is trying to find places within the bathroom that are not quite so obvious but so far I managed to spot Duckie within the matter of seconds. and recently I chimed in and started finding little hiding spots of my own, where Mr P had to find Duckie.

As we have exhausted the possibilities in the bathroom, we are thinking of extending the "Duckie-hide-and-seek" to the rest of the house.

Never let it be said that we haven't got exciting games going on in this household :)))))


  1. Lol that is so cute and sounds just like something my hubby would do. Although I think he has given up with some of my 'analness' as he doesn't even attempt to make the bed anymore because he knows I will just come and re-make it properly ;)

  2. oh he's a cutie! and i think your man is a goofball :)

  3. bwahahaha...this makes me laugh so much

  4. bwah ha ha ha! Be sure to check the loo before you flush....... don't want a drowned Duckie!


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