Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Today, I am...

...back in my city of birth: Hamburg

I am lucky to have the day off to meet with my family, who I haven't seen in a year - we get to spend the whole day together before I have to be back on board.
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People keep asking me if I miss Germany and Hamburg in particular and if I would want to move back.

In a word: No.

There will always be a space in my heart for Hamburg and its people and I love to visit once in a while but in all honesty, I would not want to live there anymore.
I feel so comfortable and settled where I live and to me home is and will remain England - I cannot see that change in my lifetime (but never say never, you just do not know what life throws at you)

But still, three cheers to: Hamburg, meine Perle :))))

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  1. Oh, what a gorgeous photo! I'm so glad you got to spend a day in your old home. :)


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