Friday, 8 July 2011

A day of recovery...., I have survived my op (not that I ever thought anything else as it really was minor, but still) and now it starts to feel sore and swollen. That was to be expected though, because anything that needs stitches will cause a little pain at some stage. But the hospital provided me with some excellent pain killers and I just had an afternoon nap too :)

The surgeon said the op went well but they were fairly concerned about my high blood pressure. Of course it was taken into consideration that nerves before an op will always play a part but before and during my last two ops my blood pressure was much so that last time the nurses asked my outright "why aren't you nervous? You are so calm, we are not used to that!" I have been suffering from high(ish) blood pressure for some time now and maybe this is somehow connected to my constant head aches and frequent nose bleeds.
So, next week I have to go see my GP to keep a monitor on my blood pressure as apparently I am borderline on needing medication.

YOU WHAT??????

Oh my, I can't believe that the "old-folks-and-their-pill-popping" phase seems to be starting. I am too young, surely!

Well, we shall wait and see what the ole doc will say, for the moment I am taking it easy and rest for a week.

With nothing to do but to keep it easy, I thought I treat myself to the magazine the crochet and knitting world raves about: Mollie Makes.
I subbed and was excited when I received my first issue in the post two days ago.

I wish I never bothered, Mollie Makes is easiest the most awful and uninspiring magazine I ever had the misfortune to hold in my hands. There are 98 pages and there is little that they show you to actually make (don't call the mag Mollie MAKES if the majority of content is adverts and stories about some artists and how they live). Even the pictures in the magazine don't do anything for me at all.
Oh what I could have bought for £5.00...seriously, that would have been three 100g balls of Stylecraft yarn, for crying out loud....

If you were thinking of buying Mollie Makes, I would say don't bother - check out pictures on Pinterest, Flickr or even the Mollie Makes blog (which is filled with inspo), you will get more out of that and it doesn't even cost you a thing. I honestly wish I could have found anything nice to say about the mag...I suppose it will come in handy when we need to cover our floor when we paint the bedroom :)))))

Oh well, I am off to work on some more crochet projects for now


  1. Hope you are not feeling too sore Kim and hope you get the blood pressure thing sorted out too! I have to agree with you about the Mollie Makes mag. Looked at it a couple of times in the newsagents and wondered what all the fuss was about. I thought it would be full of things to make...but NO!!
    Take it easy hun and get well soon. xoxoxo

  2. Oooh, bummer about the post-op pain and major bummer about the bum magazine. But in the midst of these little life bumps, you've managed to make me smile with your sense of humor. Good for you, chickita. :)

  3. I hope you are recovering well :) Pity about the magazine as the cover looks so promising! I hope your blood pressure is ok :)


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