Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Crochet YAY - The Shawl/Wrap

Memba this post?
I showed a picture of a current WIP and threw the question out there as to what it would morph into.

Well, I have to say that all guesses were incorrect...but in all honesty, I wasn't even sure what the end project would be when I started the project.

I loved the combination of the yellows with the pink, cream and greys and just started crocheting away. At some stage I wanted to turn this into a cardigan/dress but as my midriff has expanded a little lately, I changed my mind half way through the piece and decided on a wide shawl/wrap for the coming winter months.

It's really long and wide and so snuggly that I can't wait to make use of it :)

Stylecraft Special DK in #1005 Cream (80g), #1203 Silver (100g), #1099 Grey (200g), #1114 Sunshine (80g), #1241 Fondant (80g)
Hook: 4.0mm


  1. Oh, phooey, your final photo isn't showing for some reason so I can't see the finished project. :( But I know it's fabulous because those colors just ROCK!

  2. WOW!! I wish I knew how to crochet! That is amazing!

  3. Came back to see it, and now I can. That's gorgeous, Kim!

  4. ooh, it definitely looks cozy and snuggly! still loving that color combo :)

  5. that looks amazing!! I can't wait for the autumn to kick in so I can start wearing scarves!!


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