Saturday, 6 August 2011

Crochet YAY - The Socks x 2

Lately I have been obsessed with socks and in all honesty, they crochet so fast that I didn't even have the time to take a WIP picture.

My first pair took a little longer because I had to frog it about two times - am I the only one who reads a pattern, thinks she knows what it means and half through realises 
"oh-so-THAT's-how-I-should-have-done-it-10-rows-earlier". ?
Seriously...I swear I have a problem there. I read and understand completely what the pattern says, but it must be a singular braincell thinking "nope-not-doing-it" and all goes wonky because of one misplaced stitch.
In fairness, my first pair of socks were crocheted with the mistake throughout and I only noticed I did it all wrong when I started my second it is not a noticeable  mistake, but it bugs me nevertheless.

Anyway, here's the first pair - as always just click onto the picture to make them bigger

Stylecraft Special DK in Spring Green #1316 (80g), Turquoise #1068 (80g)
Basic Sock from the Learn To Crochet Socks book by Kathy Wesley
Time to complete: if you don't count the frogging - 1 week
Total cost: £3.18

And then I came across this yarn in my local John Lewis....swooooooooon

Truth be told, I am NOT a fan of multi coloured yarn as it usually looks totally stupid when used for crocheting. Most of the time it overpowers the nice texture you get with crochet.
But for socks this yarn is the dog's doodats - wanna see?

Sirdar Click DK in Blazer #111 - 200g
Time to complete: 2 days!!!
Total cost: £10.60

See what I mean?
The texture for crocheted socks is really not that important unless you want to try yourself on a cable or shell pattern, but for a simple DC pattern, this kinda yarn is the best.
The only downside is the price tag - generally I never pay more than £3.00 for a pair of socks, so to fork out a little over three times just for the yarn and do the work myself is kinda steep.
But on the other hand - I am sure these socks will last me for a looooooooooooooong time before they start to get holes on the heel


  1. Awesome socks, I neeeeeed to do some of these - thanks for the link - happy crocheting!

  2. omg kimmy, suuuuuuper cute!!

  3. Wow, those are soooo cool, I just love them! I wish I could wear crocheted socks (can't stand wool on my hands or feet!) as those are so cute :)

  4. Toooo, cute! Love, love your socks, Kim! How fun to be able to make them yourself. Think of all the amazing possibilities. Love that multicolored yarn. Those look amazing.

  5. oh my!! Are they really honestly easy to do Kimster? I'd really like to give them a go I think!


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