Friday, 9 September 2011

CAL a cowl

I have so much yarn lying around, waiting to be used for the "right" project - so imagine my delight when I came across THIS  post today.

The utterly talented Rachel invites beginners and advanced crocheters to Crochet-Along (CAL) in September to create a snuggle Cowl - which will no doubt come in handy for the autumn months that are looming.
Even if you don't want to CAL I urge you to check our her blog HERE, as there is so much eye candy and inspiration.

Now excuse me while I get my yarn on.

I am back soon with a post about my current crochet project (never mind that I have finished two more which I forgot to take pictures off...d'uh)

There is another website you really MUST check out - The Making Spot - offers "how-to" guides for all sorts of handmade crafts. I only browsed their blog for about tow minutes and found myself wanting to start a gazillion new hobbies already.


  1. Crochet-a-long, how FUN! Sounds like a really great time. Looking forward to your next projects.

  2. what a concept! sounds like fun :) can't wait to see your final product!


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