Sunday, 11 September 2011

C'est Magnifique....

I was pleased as punch when I discovered that my online buddies Leslie and Valerie - who I had come to cherish during our time at the Scrapmuse forum/Kit club (RIP) - are on a new venture...

Leslie, started a new Kit Club (and when I say new, I mean NEW, as in: has-not-been-done-before Kit Club). The concept behind C'est Magnifique is best explained by Leslie:

At C'est Magnifique we aspire to bring something a little different to our monthly kits. It is our intention to predominately offer sophisticated, international papers each month from countries such as France, Poland, Sweden, etc. At times there will also be a smattering of American papers and we plan to provide some international embellishments as well. 

I don't know about you, but I find this terribly exciting!
And the Kit for November has the most delightful papers all the way from Poland.
Look at them - they are divine

Valerie is the DT Coordinator for C'est Magnifique and she is such a hoot - I love that every community in which Valerie takes part has such warmth and fun about it.
Needless to say I have found a new favourite hang out - and I was even more pleased to see that the majority of peeps from Scrapmuse are all there!!! It really felt like coming home.
If you are looking for a great community - come join us HERE.

But that is not all - there is another community I tend to visit on a daily basis:

A forum affiliated to the Scrapbook Store of my friend Laci, who I came to know when we both served together on the Upsy Daisy Designs DT.

The community is peaceful and encouraging and everyone is welcomed with open arms and sweet, sweet word. Besides, their monthly Scraplift challenges are fabulous!
You can join us HERE.

Do you have favourite hang outs?
I personally prefer communities that are on a smaller scale, as you get to know people better and you don't feel you miss anything if you don't post or read everyday.


  1. Sounds like some fun places to hang out. I haven't really gotten into any forums since CMK went out all those years ago. I've tried once or twice, but it hasn't clicked. C'est Magnifique sounds very cool with the international twist. Those first kit papers are just beautiful.

  2. what an awesome concept. love to hear that Valerie and Leslie are doing this- how fun!

  3. ooh i can't wait to check out this kit club! i am always seeing totally amazing scrap goodies from "foreign" countries...especially france, wow...and boo-hooing because i can't get my greedy hands on them! thanks so much for the heads up!


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