Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Golden Oldies

Tell me, I am not the only one who sometimes reads through her old blog entries from years ago and thinks some of the posts are just too funny to be hidden in the depths of the www?

Just me then, allrighty...

But in my defence, the "stroll" through memory lane generally happens when I am on the hunt for something specific, like a place previously blogged about or an occasion to which I would like to link back to.
I then find myself starting to read some of my older post, giggling like a woman possessed until Mr P pops his head around to door to see what the joke is.

I never knew that I could be funny, but when I read back on some of my older posts I cannot help laughing, thinking "did I really write that? I never knew I had it in me"

So, I was thinking once a month I am going to share one of my favourite older posts with you - you probably won't even find them funny, but that is cool...I am having a blast rummaging through the past :)
For now I leave you with a list of seven random facts about me, which was the rage about two/three years ago. You nominated seven other bloggers who had to post their random facts, etc etc
I am not really all that hot on the nominating thing, but my random facts still apply today.

Enjoy :)

  1. I am shit scared of balloons. Just don't like those suckers and children running around with balloons close to me, are my worst nightmare. Heck come to think of it - anyone holding a balloon next to me is a nightmare for me.
  2. I break wind. A.Lot. Just can't do anything about it - I am a total fart-machine. Changed my diet, all to no avail - I could possibly fart the National Anthem at will, that's how gassy I am. And unfortunately my farts do not smell of roses...TMI, I know
  3. I have issues with toilet paper - it has to hang the right way around or I get stressed. The paper always has to roll off facing me and not the wall - what's with that?? Why would ANYONE put the toilet roll in a way that the paper rolls off towards the wall...it drives me nuts and I have to change it, no matter in whose house I am. Also, in any house other than mine do I have to discard of the first 4-5 pieces of paper - simply because I don't know who touched them before and I ain't wiping toilet paper along my bits with someone else's fingerprints on...
  4. I love eating cookie and cake dough more than eating the end product. Whenever I bake a cake you will find me not just licking the bowl but "testing" the dough by the soup spoon. And by the time the cake or cookies are in the oven I am already sick from eating so much dough. 
  5. Tattoos are my obsession and I am heavily inked. My left arm is about 90% covered and I also have more ink on my legs , ankles and shoulder. 99.9% of the images relate to the Native American. 
  6. I used to smoke a lot - about 20 ciggies a day. Started when I was a Teenager and stopped eleven years ago. Do I miss it? Sometimes I think "a smoke would be nice now" but as soon as I smell it, it makes me gag. I cannot image starting to smoke again.
  7.  I do not have a drivers license nor am I even thinking of getting one. There never was a need for me to have one and I think public transport is better than people give it credit for. My life does not need a car in it.


  1. Well, I think your funny, girlfriend. And yes, I am totally snickering about this blog post. Some of your random facts are just cracking me up. Keep the funny coming! :)

  2. you always crack me up! looking forward to the things that crack you up :)

    gotta love your 7 facts... i'm totally with you on the toilet paper! i turn it around at people's houses too lol!


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