Friday, 30 December 2011

Crochet YAY - The Blanket

So, I started on Mr P's blanket at the beginning of December and blogged about it HERE.

It is sort of finished, as I ran out of yarn and currently await a new delivery. It is only missing about 12" and as Mr P always has his feet dangling out from underneath all blankets (don't ask...he is just weird like that), he accepted the blanket as being perfect for the time being.

The great thing about this pattern (which I spotted on Anazard's blog HERE) is that you can stop and start again at any time without it looking strange.

I really love how it turned out with the colour combination and the stripes and Mr P loves it, which is the most important thing!


  1. love all your crochet you are just endlessley talented! Wishing you a great New Year.

  2. Love it! That's a great stripe pattern, may have to try that myself soon xx

  3. looks like a super comfy cozy blankie :) (i like to have my feet hanging out too!)


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