Saturday, 7 January 2012

Crochet ole - the shell scarf

Ha, I have actually grow kinda fond of my "crochet ole" title - so I decided to use that from now on for my finished projects.

Most peeps seem to call it their "crochet ta-dah!" and I used to say "crochet yay" but I like the ole better - it has some kind of pizazz associated with it.

But enough of  the dribble, let me show you what I created within 24 hours
WIP status: 24 December 2011

FP status: 25 December 2011

The pattern looks so classic and difficult but it is one of the easiest shell/lace patterns I have come across.
I had this one ball of Stylecraft Special DK in cream left and thought that might be a good choice for a nice scarf for myself.
Seeing that the last couple of scarves/wraps which I crocheted were all given away as Christmas presents. So it's about time I treat myself, right?

The pattern was taken from one of my most loved and most referred to crochet books:

I would not want to be without this book as it has some of the best instructions around - AND it gives you chart and written pattern at the same time.


  1. lovely scarf, I have that book and have often thought about making that scarf, perhaps I will now (once I've finished the mammoth bobble blanket I'm making for baby!) x

  2. What a beautiful pattern! Love it in the soft white!

  3. sooo pretty! and it looks so nice and warm and snuggly :) ole indeed!


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