Thursday, 5 January 2012

Re-blogging a Golden Oldie post

Thankfully I haven't had any weird dreams like this since I blogged about it in 2008 but I still get a giggle (and a feeling of eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwww) when I read it again :)


Uhm, ok so let me get the weird dream thing out of the way first - you are so going to have a laugh about that (and if anyone knows a good shrink, lemme know). Last night I had a very graphic and a very weird dream, which had me scratching my head this morning. Picture the scene (make sure you have already eaten): 

I was on my way to take a plane from London to Hamburg without Lyndon and on my way to the airport I bumped into{martina navratilova} who was on her way to the airport too and suggested we should go shopping together...r-r-r-r-ight.

We stepped into some sort of mall, where I somehow must have lost Martina because all of a sudden I was standing in this record shop and {gene simmons} stood in front of me. He was like SO hitting on me and I was like SO enjoying it...(yeuch). Needless to say we didn't stay in the shop for long and after some serious kissing ended up in a hotel room - having, uhm secks (aaaaaaaargh)
Now this dream is wrong on so many levels and made me feel kinda freaked out. 

  1. Why would a woman, I don't even know suggest we go shopping together after I bumped into her? In real life, when you bump into someone on a busy London Road they most probably beat the crap out of you while shouting "watch the f*** where you going !"
  2. How did she know I was going to the airport?? A case of celebrity stalking innocent pedestrian?
  3. More frighteningly - WHY on earth did I agree to go with a woman I have never met, which seemed to know everything about me? Did no alarm bells ring AT ALL?
  4. WHY oh WHY would it have to be Gene Simmons hitting on me? Of course I can understand why HE would be taken with moi but the other way around?? Purlease....that dude is like 850 years old..ugh
  5. I know it was a dream when I agreed to do the dirty with Gene because c'mon - gimme a break, if I would ever considering cheating on my stud muffin I would choose something stunning to look at and not a guy where I might shout out during the height of passion "so is this a hair peace then??"

Told ya it was a weird dream :)
If you haven't curled up in a darkend room crying at the though of the above, well done - 


  1. BWAHAHAHA!!! That is so funny!! I have weird dreams a plenty, but thankfully Gene Simmons has never rocked up in one, if he does now it's all your fault!

  2. Ewww!! Gene Simmons!!!! double ewww!!!

    Yuk yuk yuk!!!
    as to the dream,
    1 desire to travel,
    2 Martinas is a lesbian isnt she?

    erm sure there isnt a little secret in there? lol

    sorry but eww!! gene simmons!!! Now Sean Connery fair do's go for it girl but Gene Simmons???!!!!???

  3. lmao! wow...what were you drinking before you went to bed?

    gene simmons is just...yuck. that tongue makes me want to barf.

    i LOL at martina though...she doesn't seem much like a shopaholic to me lol


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