Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Yup, quite a naff title but I could not come up with anything fun or funky at all, so it will have to make do:)
For this year I am attempting to become much better at crocheting and knitting as I have seen so many things that I would like to create but so far, I did not feel that I had the skills to do so.

Well, if I don't get a move one I will never learn those skills, right?
So, for 2012 I have decided I will choose one main project which has to be a pattern from one of the many books I own. Once that is finished I can start on something new.

For January 2012 I need your help in deciding, because I cannot make up my mind which cardigan I should crochet from this yarn:
Rowan Handknit Cotton (209 Celery)

You may even recognise this yarn, because I started to knit a jumper from it - the start of which can be seen here, but the pattern started to become too complicated for me and I had to stop as none was making sense anymore.

Last year I started (and finished!!!) the below shrug from the yarn but it was too heavy weight for the intricate lace design and felt more like an armour. So in true Kimmy-fashion, I unravelled the lot after I wore it only once.
I am still determined that I will create this shrug again but not in such heavy 100% cotton yarn.

But for now, I have two choices, either this cardigan
Pattern can be found in this book: Crochet In No Time
or this one
Pattern can be found in this book: Cool Crochet

Please help me decide - which one would you choose for me? At the moment I am leaning towards the second one, but only a few days ago I preferred the top one....argh - the choices one has to make :)

Also, have you seen THIS  Pay it Forward blog entry by Kate of Signed With An Owl?
I have been following her blog for quite some time now and her posts are quite enabling....THIS particular post made me go on the hunt for the book she ordered by accident. I just loved how that square looked.
Anyway, I think you should check her blog, out, some marvellous inspiration on there.


  1. It's the second one for me Kim, although I do love the first one but I think it's the colour that makes me think that as I love Red. I am sure which ever one you decide will be fabulous!

  2. I think I'm leaning toward the second cardigan, too, Kim..although both would be very pretty. I think it's awesome that you are taking your hobby to a new level this year. It's always good to learn new things, and it sounds like you are really challenging yourself. Way to go!
    Wishing you a very happy new year and all the best in 2012!

  3. Another vote for the second one here. I like the sleeve length and am not too keen on the tie front on the first one. Pretty colour you have chosen too.

  4. Thanks for the kind words! Both sweaters are cute! Even though the stitch pattern is more interesting in the second, I think I like the first one better because of the shape of the sweater.... but maybe it's the bright red that I like! Good luck choosing!

  5. Kimmy, the first one gets a vote for me. I just think it's more "you"! Either way you're braver than I am, I have a baby cardigan pattern which I should start as I've only got 3 months to go but I'm too scared!!

  6. Oooh, I love these sweaters. I think I'm a big fan of the first, though. :) I'd love to learn to crochet....I'd on my to do list. I can't wait to see what you do with your crochet skills. :) My daughter is a fabulous knitter, but I've honestly never tried!! :)

  7. i'm chiming in kind of late, but my pick is the first one and i think you'd look darling in it :)

  8. Hi, I found you're blog via Pinterest. You do some beautiful crochet work! I hope you don't mind me asking, but please can you tell me where I can find the pattern for that shrug? Is it from a book? I would really love to crochet it myself.


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