Monday, 19 March 2012

Gift Container Tutorial

Today I would like  to share with you a post I created a year ago...why did it take me so long to share?
Well, it was the first post I created for my DT stint with Donna Salazar Designs but the project was picked up fpr publication before it did go live. So, I had to keep it under wraps until after the magazine had been published.
After a certain amount of time had passed, the timing was never right and other projects were more appropriate to share on the blog, which is why my little container never made it.

The other day I found it again in my drafts and thought it is about time to share it with you all.

**click on image to enlarge **

In addition to your favourite {{Spring In Bloom}} papers and {{Smooch Spritz}} you will need the following tools and products to re-create this project:
  • Paper trimmer/scissors/craft knife
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Paper crimper/scoring board
  • Medium sized tag
  • Journaling pen in black
  • Trims
First, choose the paper for the main body of your container- it really does not matter what the size is, as it depends on how big/wide/tall you would like your container to become. But I would suggest that it should be square as it just looks better that way.

For my example I took the {{One Sheet Wonderful}} paper and simply cut off the gorgeous 8 x 8 piece with the rose cluster.
Flip the paper over and add the double-sided tape to three of the four edges, like this
Then you adhere the edge without adhesive tape to its opposite edge by rolling the paper into a tube - please make sure that you DO NOT press the other two opposite edges with the adhesive strips together just yet.
Now you will have to decide which of the two edges you want to be the one lying horizontal on the surface. As I wanted the rose design to show, I carefully pressed the  bottom bit of the tube downwards - making sure to line the edges together.
After that you can fill your container with whatever you wish to surprise the recipient.
Now you can close the top edge by pressing them together vertical, this is important to achieve the triangle look of the container.
If you like to make this gift container to look even more professional, use either a paper crimper and run the edges through it or, like me, mark score some lines along the edges for a corrugated look. It really adds a "store-bought" touch to your project.
Now you can let your creativity flow and decorate the container to your hearts' desire. I decided to go with the spring theme of the papers and cut the same images which are shown on the container, from the {{In Bloom}} paper. I love that these flowers have a a lacquer surface, which makes them very sturdy. With the help of some adhesive foam squares, I arranged them on top of each other to achieve a raised, decoupage look.
Next, I sprayed a medium sized tag with {{Smooch Spritz}} in Pralines and Cream and added this with the help of some beaded trim to the container.
For the final touch, I hand cut the amazingly gorgeous butterfly from the {{One Sheet Wonderful}} paper and glued it to the top of the container.

So, what do you think? These papers are a dream to work with and you create spring-projects in no time.

Thank you for reading and if you give these containers a go, I hope you link me back to your creation, so I can leave you some lovin'."
Products used:
Additional products: 
unknown trims and tag
Zig Millenium writer in black
Helmar Zap Dots


  1. This is so cute Kim, I just love the pink wood on that paper and the shabby chic feel to the finished project! :)

  2. Oh wow, that is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. This is really clever, and beautiful. No wonder someone wanted to publish it! I cannot wait to see what creative project you some up with next!

  4. Oh, LOVE it! Such a fun treat container. We used to call these sour cream containers. So adorable! No wonder it was snatched up for publication! It's beautiful, Kim!

  5. beautiful! i'm glad you found the time to share it :) loving that pink woodgrain pp!


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