Sunday, 20 May 2012

I shall not be defeated.... the beast that calls itself knitting.

'memba that only last Wednesday I proudly showed off how my knitted cardigan was coming along?
Uhm, yeah - oddly enough what I feared most, the seaming, was not so bad after all but the fit of the garment was atrocious.

Maybe it is time that I do a gauge swatch after all?
I followed the instructions on the pattern to the latter but the cardigan was too big and the arms waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.

So, I guess gauge is important.
This is how my cardigan looks now - and I haven't even dared to tell Mr P yet as he will only do this annoying tutting sound and the all-knowing-rolling-of-the-eye-thing
If  I ever manage to complete the new cardigan I have in mind (gauge swatch and all), I will proudly show it to Mr P and he would not know the difference :)

Oh well, I guess it's back to the drawing board (which incidentally is packed with tons of unravelled yarn waiting for its next adventure...)

I wonder how many time you can unravel yarn before it becomes brittle and breaks?
If anyone can find out, it's gonna be me!


  1. Oh no! It was looking so pretty too. On the bright side, at least it is only faux color work, because otherwise it would have been much worse. Next cardigan will turn out amazing, I can feel it. : )

  2. Ah Kimmy I so sympathise.... My Crochet top I was so proud to finish is sitting in a heap beacause the shaping around the arms is a baggy mess! Hmmmmm why can't everything be a straight line?

  3. Oh, poop!! How frustrating for you, Kim!! For someone who cannot crochet at all.......this whole process sounds quite intimidating. But hang in there. You'll end up with the perfect sweater in the long run. :)

  4. What a shame. It was looking really pretty. And such a lot of work.

    I never do a gauge either!!

  5. oh noooooeeesss! So sad. This is the second post I've come across today about frogging.

    It makes me 100% sure I will never be a proper knitter - so much work gone!!

    Good luck with version 2.0

  6. Yikes, so sorry! But you have a good attitude about the whole thing. I think that many of us have learned the necessity of getting gauge in just the same way. One of the reasons why I like top down sweater construction is that I can try the sweater on as it is being knitted. That takes a little bit of the guesswork out of the whole thing.


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