Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It is here...

I have been waiting with baited breath for this special issue of Designer Knitting (Vogue Knitting in the US) for crochet. Once I had seen the teasers I checked WHSmith daily to make sure I am not missing the issue.

Yesterday the time hath cometh and I think I may have squealed with excitement while pushing another lady out of the way to the shelf (you can never be too sure and as I only spotted one issue I had to revert to drastic measures. )

It is mine aaaaaaaaaaaaall mine

Oh, there are so many things in this issue I want to recreate - actually pretty much all of it like with its sister magazine Designer Knitting Spring/Summer.

This is actually a full length coat and I think I will most probably die if I don't possess this, but it will take a long time to finish that baby (and a lot of yarn)

Then there is this gorgeous boho-chic cardigan - I SO SO want to do this but it uses Tunisian crochet and broomstick lace, both techniques I am a stranger to.

And what about this stunning leaf shawl?

And finally there is this cool top...nom nom

See, what I mean? And those are just a fraction of the things I would like to do. Check out all the contents here:  The Mag

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  1. Oh wow! Crochet the leaf shawl first please! That project looks like a blast! The last top is also amazing, no wonderful you are in love with this issue!

  2. Wow, everything looks gorgeous! Designer knitting is one of my favourite knit mags, looks like the crochet one is up to par too :)

  3. I have to download it! I love this magazine

  4. Oh my those are all totally gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you make from it! :)

  5. Thanks for posting about this! I am going to hunt down this issue. I especially love the boho cardigan.

  6. Ok now you are just making me want to learn crochet all over again! I've also loved those open lace work tops you can crochet.

  7. Wow, I want all of these, too!! Have fun with your new magazine, my friend!


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