Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Movies we watched in April

Here is April's run down of the movies we enjoyed

I like a cop who doesn't mess about - he is so politically incorrect, which makes him a joy to watch. And the way in which he gets the guy from the rooftop who wanted to commit suicide is just a classic. Plus every good movie has to have The One line everyone who watched it remembers:
"You gotta ask yourself, do I feel lucky? Well, DO you, punk?"

Absolutely hilarious...Stan and Ollie taking a  break in the mountain and on advice of Ollie's doctor drink plenty of water. Little do they know that the well from which they draw the water was filled with moonshine. Yep, they get terribly drunk without realising it and what follows is pure slapstick at its best

The sequel to Them Thar Hills as Stan and Ollie open up a shop next the guy whose wife they got drunk without realising that the water they offered her was contaminated with moonshine. You don't get better comedy than this

Well, what can I say - we have of course Wolverine as my particular eye candy in here, but also my favourite mutant Kurt Wagner...oh how I love him. His character is so sad yet so loveable. I just wish he would have appeared in the third movie as well.

Of course we had to watch the third X-men as well and whilst I was sorry that there was no more Kurt Wagner, I loved Kelsey Grammer (best know for playing loveable shrink, Frasier Crane) as Dr Hank McCoy. I do not like the third movie as much as the others but it has its charms.


  1. I LOVE this idea! oh is it a thing? let's make it a thing! I will start noting all the movies I watch this month!!

    LOVE dirty harry!!

  2. Always fun to see what movies you all have been watching. I love that you guys always re-visit some of the old classics. :)


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