Friday, 4 May 2012

PIF Winner

The day has finally come to reveal the winner's from my giveaways - so I am keeping this short and sweet.

I only had one taker for the handmade PIF - so Erin will get something handmade from me soon.

As for my giveaway of the BreAlley yarns I could not work with - the winner is Hege. Have a look at her blog and see what funky stuff she creates, I am sure the yarn will find a perfect home with her!

Thank you to everyone who played along and have a fabulous and creative day ahead of you.


  1. Wow -- and I found you just in time to miss a giveaway! That's OK; I'm enjoying your blog!

  2. Congrats to the winners. Too bad I missed it!

  3. What a nice surprise!
    The yarn looks so beautiful - hope I can find a nice project for it :)


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