Saturday, 2 June 2012

FP - The Scarf

I finished my Sojourn Falls Scarf a couple of days ago and I am very pleased how well the blocking turned out. For some strange reason I never believe that after blocking the piece will stay in form, but it does and I still get excited about that :)
Isn't the pattern just gorgeous? And I love that despite the multicoloured yarn, the pattern is still very much visible.
Now, all I need is the perfect occasion to wear the scarf - currently I am thinking my long summer dress would work. Naturally I will take pictures when this baby gets its first outing. In the meantime a poorly set up picture of Sojourn hangin' around has to do.

Before I go I have two more things to share though.
At work we are sometimes given little presents, like calenders, cuddly toys, plastic aeroplanes form the airlines we have contracts with. The other day Lufthansa brought us a handful of silver plastic pots with earth inside....uhm ya, we all looked kinda puzzled until we realised that there were also seeds in the pot and you could grow your own peppers.
You know what? I thought that was a great little gift and in the office we have line of little pepper plants growing all over the place. I took mine home though, because they are going to live in my kitchen and hopefully spawn me something to eat :)

Here is a picture of my seedlings right now - I think they will need rehousing soon

And last, but by no means least - I have found a new favourite drink.
It is sooooooooooo refreshing (dangerously so, as one tends to drink it like pop as it does not taste of alcohol) and the combination of orange with spice gives you a Christmas kind of feeling in Summer.
Love it!

Oh and before I forget - for some more finished crochet/knitting projects, head over to Tami's Blog


  1. Hello Kim,
    Your scarf is gorgeous! You have made a beautiful accessory to wear.

  2. What a gorgeous scarf. I'm looking for a pattern for a scarf to make for my sister, and I might just have found it thanks to you!

  3. Such a pretty scarf! You are so right, the pattern still does stand out even though the yarn is so variegated. I also love the idea of a corporate gift being something sustainable rather than a useless plastic thing that you will feel bad about throwing away.

  4. The yarn and scarf is beautiful. Love the colors and the pattern. :) I am going to have to try that one at some point. Hope your pepper plant produces a pepper. :)

  5. The yarn is lovely. Do you remember the company/colorway?

  6. Oh, wow! Your scarf is just beautiful, Kim! Love the pattern and love the yarn, and the two together are truly amazing. How fun your new drink sounds. And love the little pepper plant, too. May it flourish and produce! :)


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