Friday, 1 June 2012

The Movies we watched in May

Here is May's run down of the movies we enjoyed - can you see a pattern (wink*wink)?

Well, any movie that stars the "Human Torch" aka Chris Evans cannot be bad - plus we are talking Captain America here, right? I didn't expect too much of this movie because I never really followed Captain America as a kid so this was new territory for me. Oh, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the fight with the Red Skull in particular. 

To be honest, I did not look forward to see this movie as the trailers did not nothing for me. Sure, I know the legend of Thor but he was also never one of the Superheroes that featured on my radar.
The start of the movie kind of underlined my reluctance for Thor - too much CGI with too many futuristic scenes. But that all changed once Thor arrived on Earth - I loved the movie from then on and am now a converted Thor fan.

I was so so disappointed with this movie. Tony Stark was my hero, I fell in love with him within the opening minutes of Iron Man 1 and had such high hopes for the sequel. Even bad reviews did not deter me and I ended up being so upset with this movie. There is no flow to it, it feels disjointed. Sure, there are a few laughs when Tony makes his usual quips but other than that I wish I would have never watched superhero came crushing down to earth...

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There was a method to our madness watching all the above movies first before we went to see the Avengers. You may recall me gushing about this movie here and I will say it again - the best Superhero movie so far since Spiderman 2 and The Fantastic Four. We watched it in 3D but I would not think it is a necessity as it was not written for 3D. Saying that, the facial expressions of Hulk come to life in 3D more so than they would otherwise. The casting for this movie is perfect and I am hoping for many more Avengers excitement on the big screen in the future. But for now, I cannot wait for it to come out on DVD.
To say it with the words of Thor: "Hulk, Smash!"

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I am not usually a fan of prequels, especially after falling asleep during X-Men Origins; Wolverine (yeah, can you believe that? I feel asleep watching Hugh Jackman....that should tell you how mind-numbingly-boring the movie was). Naturally, I was apprehensive  about this one but I rather enjoyed it. And Mr Jackman does appear with a fun cameo, so all is well.
You learn a lot about the X-Men and apart from Xavier I think the actors were well cast.


  1. Oh wow, you do love your superhero movies! Exciting!

  2. Loved Captain America and Thor is one of my favourite movies! I have to say I liked Iron man 2 and I really loved the Wolverine movie!! (You really need to watch that one again lol ;) ) I wasn't looking forward to the X-Men First Class so much but really enjoyed that one in the end! :)

  3. This is funny--it's like you've been spying on me and Fred. I actually like the Wolverine movie and we own it (that's a Fred move), but I agree with you about the casting of James McAvoy in X-M FC. Strange.


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