Sunday, 29 July 2012

Candy Skein - Yarn Love

I have been drooling over the gorgeousness that is {Candy Skein} for months now but I could not warrant paying $20 plus postage for one skein of yarn. It is worth every penny but just not in my budget.

However, I was lucky enough to earn some money recently through some sales in my {Etsy} and I did not hesitate to get my hands on this skein of happiness:
I absolutely adore how happy this colour combination makes me feel and I could spend all day just looking at it and stroking it.

My initial thought was to knit some socks, but this yarn is much too gorgeous to be hidden away and contaminated with my cheesy feet. So I am thinking either a shawl or save up some more $$$, get another skein and create a little cardigan or vest....what do you think?

If you have a pattern you think would work great for this yarn, please link me up in the comments section - if create a project from the link you suggested I will send you something pretty as way of saying 'thank you'


  1. I think I would pay a lot more than that for a skein that amazing! Lucky you! I would definitely knit a shawl to really show off the colors, but I don't know if you are the shawl wearing type or not.

  2. i would probably make a nice cowl or something, I don't think I could wear that many colours on my person.

    It is beautiful and I've heard nothing but good things about the yarn, v jealous!

  3. Wow, what pretty, pretty yarn! With something this bold, perhaps just a small accent piece like a scarf would be good. :)

  4. What a delicious yarn! $20 is way above my budget but I can imagine you like this yarn very much! Looking forward to your creation:)

  5. Oh wow, I have (candy) skein envy---that is gorrrrgeous, it's happiness in yarn form!! I think a shawl made from it would be glorious. What about something like an Annis shawl? That looks awesome in rainbow, like this one.

  6. So yeah...that yarn is kind of drool-worthy!

  7. I am asking myself the SAME question. I bought 1 skein too and now I'm wondering what's the best way to use it!

    I might use it on some baby dresses/shirts but as CC not main colorway.

  8. Many patterns can be made by using knit and purl stitches in various combinations. If only knits or only purls are used when working back and forth in rows, the result is called garter stitch. ullgarn rea


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