Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The movies we watched in July

Here is July's run down of the movies we enjoyed

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Yes, we have already watched this movie in March BUT in our defense, this time we watched the movie with additional scenes...and BOY oh BOY are they fantastic. I really do not understand why they were deleted or re/shot as they totally work and some of them were actually kind of important to explain something that happens later on the movie. The only scene that worked better in the final cut is the one in the lift. The deleted scene is funny but not as good.

See for yourself, here is the final scene first:
And here is the deleted one:

Too much talk for my liking, the final lift scene is much more awkward moment for both and that's what makes it work, I think.

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Jaws is Mr P's favourite movie of all times and it was shown again in the cinema the week I had my operation. Needless to say that Mr P went to watch it, so it was only logical that we would end up one evening throwing Jaws 2 into our DVD player. It is not half bad for a sequel, even though nothing will ever match the way in which Spielberg made Jaws work and how Scheider, Dreyfuss and Shaw played perfectly together. But again, this sequel works and is quite enjoyable to watch.

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As we are taking Mr P's mum on a holiday to the Bavarian Alps including a visit to Salzburg, and seeing that she never saw this Classic from start to finish, we felt it only fitting to sit and watch the movie. It never gets boring and it doesn't even seem its running time is almost 3 hours.Perfect combination of music and pulling at heart strings without being too soppy.

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My favourite Miss Marple  movie - ever! I just love how Margaret Rutherford portrays Agatha Christie's  sleuth. The cast is brilliant and I only wish that Margaret would have done more than just four Miss Marple movies...

Another movie that we already watched {this year} but after I listened to the title song the other day, I fancied watching it again and Mr P thankfully agreed :)
And of course, when you watch this one, the sequel is inevitable, so we watched this one again as well:

And because you cannot watch those two without following it with another Burt Reynolds classic, we could not finish this month without a movie we already watched in March:

Well, I wonder how many repeat movies we are going to see in August - any guesses? 


  1. You guys are too cute! I love the eclectic mix of movies you all choose. Lots of oldies and goodies that make me smile. :)

  2. You have such great taste in movies, I always look forward to seeing your picks for the month!


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