Friday, 3 August 2012

FP - The Tadpole Socks

The tadpole socks are done...YAY!

In fact, they have been almost worn to bits by now as they were finished Mid-July already, I just didn't get a chance to upload the pictures earlier.
There is something about red socks that I love...
It's a good thing that I still have a lot of red and orange yarn left - I see many more bright socks in my future :)
You can find all the details about the socks {here}

For more finished projects hop over to {Tami's blog}


  1. wow those are amazing socks, I love the colours and all the detail - really awesome xxx

  2. Those socks are awesome looking. I love the color too XD

  3. Gorgeous detail in those socks! And I love bright colors.

  4. I really love that pattern, it is such a joy to knit up. I love them in red, you are so right, there is something particularly wonderful about red socks!

  5. My yarny she-ro!!!

    Those socks rock like all the projects you do! Now hand them over slowly and you wouldn't get hurt! LOLOL!

  6. Those colors looks awesome together and the socks looks very cozy.
    Love them :)

  7. Love the colour and stitch combo! I can see why they've been well worn, they are gorgeous.

  8. Love these! Combining the red with the orange was a brilliant idea! I might have to steal this colour duo for some future fingerless mitts.


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