Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunny Days on the Isle of Wight

I only just realised that I forgot to share the picture of our days out when we had the marvellous sunshine last week.

First off, we decided to go the Hythe, which is two ferry rides away but always looks so quaint and sweet from the shoreline. When I had to call into the office one day to discuss my return to work, Mr P and I decided that was the prefect excuse to stop by and see what Hythe has to offer.

For starters, I was famished as we arrived around 13:30hrs and I had not eaten that day - so we went and got us some wonderful fish'n'chips.
There is something very comforting about this traditional dish, and there were happy faces all around.
Afterwards we started walking around the town centre but there was not really much to it, so we made our way to the opposite suite and checked out the Marina.
picture by Mr P
To have a sailing boat or yacht in this kind of weather would just be bliss...

But to be honest, that was all that was to Hythe and while we found it pretty and very clean after an hour there was not much more to do or see, so we made our way back on the quaint little train, which rides between pier end and town centre.
picture by Mr P

Only two days later we had more excitement as her Majesty, the Queen came to set foot on the Isle of Wight. This was to conclude her Diamond Jubilee Tour and seeing that it was just a ten minute walk away from our house, it would have been rude not to go.

Cowes seafront was packed and everyone got really excited when the 21 gun salute started. We did not see the guns but the firing smoke drifted over to us.
picture by Mr P

I could kick myself though, because while I remembered to take my super zoom lens, I only freaking forgot to put the battery in my camera....gnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.
So the only shots we have of the Queen are the ones taken with out point and shoot. The Queen and Prince Phillip are the wee spots in the circle.
picture by Mr P
It was a great occasion and the wave of cheer and love that emerged from the crowd made me all teary. Definitely the best day this summer!


  1. You always have the best little trips! Also, you sure now how to find the best food, I always look forward to seeing all of the yumminess! Too bad you couldn't get a closer shot!

  2. Awesome adventures! And how fun you got to see the Queen! Sorry about your camera battery, though!

  3. How interesting that you saw the queen! The various US presidents come to my area all the time, but no one seem to feel it's rude not to go see them. In fact, we tend to stay away from the areas they visit to avoid the traffic!

    The fish and chips look so delicious, now I'm hungry!


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