Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Knitting failures...again

Well, it had to happen at some stage. After I finished my delightful {hoodie} and a few pairs of {socks}, I believed the world of finished garments would be mine.

Uhm, yep - THAT worked out well...

'memba {this fella}?
The knit itself was finished within the matter of a few days and it looked promising - until I came to sew it all together. Despite me doing a gauge swatch AND still going one size up, the arms almost cut my circulation off and believe you me, my arms ain't that fat.
And the bottom bit was also way too tight and there was no way I would ever wear that jumper.
So my most expensive yarn was unravelled and put deep in my stash box until I feel confident I have found the perfect pattern.

To be brutally honest, I was never really that excited about the pattern in the first place. All I wanted was to knit with that luscious yarn and after searching for a pattern for two weeks without success I chose what looked easiest. Should have just waited.

Then the amazing {Candy Skein came into my life} and I so wanted to work with it straight away as I have been drooling over it for months.

One evening I just started on the magic loop the same way I would for socks and quickly decided that I wanted to knit some {fingerless gloves}:
The first glove was already too wide and I was not so hot on the striping of the yarn, I did what I do best: frogging :)

Sourcing online patterns for hours on end I found {this} scarf which I hoped would bring out the rainbow colouring much more,which it did:
But as always, the story didn't end there, when I came to the halfway mark I realised that the scarf would not be as long as I expected it to be (even after blocking) and it was much narrower than I would have liked.
I decided to frog this scarf also and banish the yarn to live together in darkness with my Rowan Cashsoft for the time being....

It is getting a little frustrating now as I will not spend any more money on yarn until I have used up all my stash. Maybe I try my luck with the Rowan Milk Cotton next


  1. omigosh i love the idea of fingerless mittens for that yarn. they would have been the funnest mitts eva! good luck with your next cast on!

  2. Well you have so many treasures in your stash, I'm sure that there is more that you can enjoy knitting with without having to go to the LYS. So, sorry to hear that none of those pattern have been working out for you!

  3. Oh that is such a bummer. Hope you find the confidence to get those yarns out again soon.

  4. Oh, frustrating! But don't give up. You will find the perfect projects for those yarns!

  5. Such a shame about those patterns not working out. They are both gorgeous yarns and one day they will become beautiful FO's. I have to compliment you on your fearless frogging abilities. I would have made the scarf and THEN buried it in darkness.


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