Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Movies we watched in June

Here is June's run down of the movies we enjoyed

This is most probably my most favourite movie of.all.times.ever.
And. Ever.
Why? I just think it works and even 33 years after it first came out it does not seem dated. At least to me it doesn't. When Mr P and I are going to NY in two years we are taking the Warriors route and go to all the places that featured in the movie. There has been talk for some years that they are planning a remake - but get this: it is set in LA instead of NY and we are looking at drive-by shootings rather than the man on man action. Rubbish! If you do a remake stick to the original or call it something else.
I have seen the Warriors probably about 200 times and I to be honest, I am sure I will watch this many times more within my lifetime.

The mother of all buddy movies...Eastwood and Bridges are a perfect team. What makes the movie for me is the fact that there is perfectly placed humour in it without turning it into a comedy - and the end is the kicker, sad yet exactly what the movie needed to make it believable.
Mr P and I are also certain that there is definitely some ad-libbing going on in some parts of the movie

This is one of the movies which were suggested to me by Netflix and I thought - heck, why not. I was surprised at how much I did enjoy the movie. Secret fraternities always have some kind of mysterious air about them and The Skulls seem to be the crème of the crop :). Nicely played by {Joshua Jackson}, who is probably best known for playing in Dawson's Creek

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I remember the first time we saw this movie we thought "WTH?"  - critics were raving on about how brilliant this piece was, but we just didn't get it. So, I gave it another try on Netflix and I really loved it! Strange but quirky and very gory, similar to a Tarrantino movie. It is actually kind funny in a weird way and one can't help but feel sorry for William H. Macy when everything that can go wrong does go apeshit.

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This movie is about 45 minutes too long and flicks too much back and forth. The story behind it is not half bad but I figured out who Keyser Soze was pretty soon and only continued to watch to find out if I was right. Good actors but too long winded

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As I like both, Morgan Freeman and John Cusack I figured I cannot go wrong with this movie. I am used to see Mr Freeman as the Good guy so having him play a Killer was an interesting change. Even though I enjoyed it, the movie itself is very predictable and therefore not really THAT exciting or nail-biting. It's something I call a "Sunday Afternoon Movie"

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Mr P got the DVD for a couple of quid after we watched a documentary about the Eiger Northface the other day. You know what I really, REALLY hate? When I figure out who the bad guy is within the first part of the movie....that bugs me to no end. I really want to sit through a movie going: "it's him...I am sure it is" only to then declare five minutes later: "it's got to be her, it's bleedin' obvious" and then in the end to find out it was neither of my suspects.
But that fact aside, I thought the movie was cool. Guess, there are not many Eatswood movies that are boring anyway but sometimes his older ones can appear somewhat dated. Considering this one was released in 1975 it could have just as well been done a few years back.

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This month, seeing that I am laid up recovering, I enjoyed a Harry Potter movie day and watched the first three movies in one session, plus one more the day after. I really like them even after I read all the books - usually I never feel that movies are cast well but in this case they have nailed it. My favourites are{Rupert Grint} who plays Ron Weasley and {Alan Rickman} who play Severus Snape as their acting is outstanding. I am totally  looking forward to another HP session next month.

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This is definitely my favourite of the "Carry On..." movies - completely riddled with innuendo but it works and still is funny to this day. I really do not understand why the "Carry On..." movies get such a bad rap, they are as movies should be - politically incorrect and just there to make you chuckle.


  1. Ah, Fargo is one of my most favorite movies of all time. These are definitely some movies that I have to add to my list.

  2. Really like Fargo, in fact all Coen brother films. I've never heard of of Warriors, so that is one to look out for. But for some reason I can't stand Harry Potter. I know there must be something wrong with me, but I'm more of a Philip Pullman kind of girl.


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