Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Vogue Knitting - Early Fall 2012

Oh I am so glad I have subscribed to {Vogue Knitting} (Designer Knitting in the UK), because I just received an email with the preview and by golly, I am in love once again
If I had the time (and money)  I would love to knit almost every single item in the magazine....swoon.
Over the past two months I have paced myself with buying new yarns, so I have probably a good reason to treat myself to some scrumptious yarns to knit at least two of the items in {the mag}.

Currently my two favourites are these:
The coat is just so deliciously feminine and would work in any yarn/colour I think. Plus I love working lace patterns as they are less boring that just stockinette.
Here is it JUST the cardigan I like, the pants are a total no-go for me. Knitted pants were wrong in the 70s and they are still wrong today....but the cardi looks fab. Love the pattern and the colour.


  1. oh, I love Vogue Knitting. I have been meaning to splurge on a subscription... but since I barely have time to knit right now anyway...

  2. Oh my, that pink coat is a sort of art, so beautiful! Are you going to make it!!??

  3. I just got my copy in the mail as well, and I am in love with the pink cardigan as well! We might have to knit this one together because if you cast on, I won't be able to resist starting my own! For the second cardigan, what color do you think you would make it in? The green just doesn't look good to me.

  4. Wow I totally adore the first one, I would love to own that! I am so glad you said you didn't like the knitted pants as I was rather 'what on earth!' when I saw them! ;)


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