Wednesday, 4 July 2012

WIP - Tappan Zee Cardigan Pt II

Uhm....that original WIP didn't last long. 'Memba my {initial yarn choice} for the Zee?
While I still love the colours, the feel of the yarn never appealed to me and in a way I was somewhat glad when despite a gauge swatch, my first attempt at the Zee turned out to be too small.

But I did not give up then and there, unravelled my work and started afresh with larger needles and one size up. That instantly made the yarn feel much softer and I happily carried on towards the arm section again.
Somewhere along I must have made an error because no matter how often I counted and recounted the stitches something did not tally up for the larger size. I guess something was trying to tell me to leave off that particular yarn for this project.

As I really wanted to do to {Tappan Zee Cardigan} (I don't get why it's called a cardigan though, to me something without arms is a vest...) I got my frogged Sirdar Smoothie yarn out of the box and eh presto...this seems to work so far.

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  1. I loved the orange and red combo, but the pink looks lovely!

  2. I agree, the pink is very pretty! Love it!

  3. How pretty is that!?! It's MEANT to be from that yarn, I think!

  4. The second version looks lovely in that dusky pink. The color really shows off the yoke detail beautifully.

  5. So beautiful, it looks like you could wear it as it is as one of those cape things which just go over the shoulders.

  6. love the pink. will make a lovely cardi!

    I would still call it a cardi, a vest to me is not open at the front, but that might just be me :)

  7. Love that colour - it really brings out the stitch pattern beautifully!

  8. I made Tappan Zee last year. Once you are done with the lace pattern, it goes blazing fast! Yours looks great!


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