Sunday, 22 July 2012

Posh Shopping

After five weeks of recuperating after my op, I thought it was time that we tackled the ferry journey over to the mainland to prepare for the end of the month when I get back to work.

So, Mr P and I decided on a quick shopping trip - which had me squealing in excitement when I got into this amazing changing room at Tesco home:
It looked just like a posh front room, with another plush chair, chandelier and other furnishings to the right hand side. I didn't want to come out of there and the carpet was just soooooooooo fluffy and nice. All I would have needed was a bell to ring for the butler to bring me some bubbly :)))).

We got a few bits and bobs, mainly herbal stuff for me from Hollands & Barrett to help my recovery and hopefully keep the hot flushes under control. After two hours I was done - knackered to no end so we decided spontaneously to grab a lunch meal from one of the pubs on the way to the ferry.

What a great deal we got - plain steak and chips together with a pint of beer for only £7.69 per person. The nosh was delightful, even though we could have done with a few more chips...but hey!
I was a happy bunny because for the first tie in about 10 years I got my greedy little hands around a pint of {Tuborg Beer} - it used to be my favourite back in Germany!
Can you say thirsty?
And Mr P didn't hold back either with his fave pub drink - a pint of Guinness.

When we made our way back, I was actually so knackered that I had to have a little lie-down on the ferry and once we got indoors I had a little sleep. But I am feeling great today - no pains, so I am on the right track.


  1. No wonder you were tired, it sounds like it was quite a busy trip! I especially love that you both stopped to get some yummy beer on the way back, isn't it wonderful coming across an old favorite by chance?

  2. Awww, how nice! so glad you managed a fun outing out, Kim! :)


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