Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Challenges & London Weekend

*** Picture heavy post ***

Before I bore you with the excitement of the last weekend, let me get the cards I created for a few challenges out of the way...

First of is my entry for the recent {{ 2 Sketches 4 You}} Challenge. Here is Laura's sketch, which is so gorgeous that I will undoubtedly use it over and over again.

And this is the card I created from it - for an upcoming birthday of a guitar-nut :)

** click on any image to enlarge **
Cardstock: Papermill * Papers: 3ndypapir * Digi-Stamp: Some Odd Girl {{ Guitar Kody }} * Stickers: Jenni Bowlin, October Afternoon * Pens: ProMarkers, Uniball Signo

And then I discovered the {{ 365 cards }} challenge blog, simply because it was a recommended blog through my Google Reader. Based on the subscriptions you have had in the past, Google Reader makes suggestions as to what else may be of interest to me - and yesterday, I stumbled across the above blog - I can see myself taking part over there a lot!

This is the sketch for {{ day #77 }},which is absolutely adorable and versatile.
And here is my take on the sketch. Again a card for an upcoming birthday.

** Click on images to enlarge **
Cardstock: Papermill * Papers: Upsy Daisy Designs {{ #UDD0040. Right On Track }} * Digi-Stamp: Some Odd Girl {{ Owlie }} * Stickers: Jenni Bowlin * Pens: ProMarkers; Uniball Signo * Other: Pearls; Button; Bling

Mr P and I spent the last weekend in London, visiting his folks and taking some time out to explore London. Not that we haven't done that before when we lived there, but that was like ten years ago...so it was about time.
Of course the end had to be spoiled by me getting a migraine again (they are far too frequent lately, for my liking...) and we had to leave a day earlier than expected...but we are going back again soon.

First off, we went to the {{ Imperial War Museum }} - I was amazed by the sheer amount of relics that are on display, by how much you are allowed to actually touch the exhibits and by the fact that the entry to the museum is FREE! Mr P's nephew became tired after three hours though and we decided to call it a day (and to come back to see the rest very soon).

** click on any of the following images to enlarge **

Entry to the Imperial War Museum
Myself, Mr P's sister and nephew

The inside of the {{ Jagdpanther }}(one of Mr P's favourites) - scary just HOW small the room inside a tank is. Now imagine you are sitting in there, having to keep an eye on the enemy whilst going through rough terrain...ugh
I had to chuckle when I saw the name of this {{ Sherman tank }}...
And then there was my favourite, the {{ Lancaster }}. Ever since I saw it flying during an airshow in 2004, I have been in awe of this incredible piece of machinery.

In the section, where they had all the old signs, cartons, propaganda posters, clothes, etc on display I had another right old chuckle, but only after I said to myself "how typical...that is all we are good for?!?" when I cast my eyes on this sign
But it was followed by this one, which made me feel much better...boys can apparently only be trusted to do SIMPLE things during the war. whilst us girls are trusted with the USEFUL ones...he he.
It was funny to watch that every single adult who went along these signs had the same reaction as I did...the blokes giggled first but us ladies had the last laugh :)

Then it was time to get outside and enjoy a bit of the attractions along the Thames. We wanted to do more, but spent so much time inside the museum, that we only managed the {{ Tower Bridge }} before heading back to Mr P's folks' place for the night.
Myself, Mr P

One thing I really loved and another reason why I need to get back to London soon, is the {{ Elephant Parade }}. Over 250 elephant sculptures are placed in London and we only saw something like 30 odd of them. I did not have my own camera with me, otherwise you would have had Ellie-Overload right now. As it stands, I can show you two of my favourites we saw opposite the {{ Tower of London }}.

I have already downloaded the map on where to find the rest of them...and naturally our next visit will be planned around the Ellies :)


  1. omg, LOVE the ellies, your cards are TOO flippin' cute, and ooohhhh, what a schmexy-looking couple!

    i'll bet you're really good at knitting a pair of snuggy slippers, right? and have you figured out the sewing machine yet? be sure to study it hard! (there may be a quiz)

    welcome home! xo

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend in old London town, sorry about the migraine though x

  3. ahh - so many fun photos. thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Cute, cute, cute! i love your stitching :) I love your photos too!
    Thanks for playing at 2S4Y!

  5. i hope you make it back to see more of the elephants, cuz i'd like to see them too :)

    your cards are adorable!! i especially like the little fellow, what a cutie :)

  6. Love that owl! He's sooo cute :D

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  8. Love your cards....I adore that owl!!!!!! Great pics too!!

  9. Your cards are as cute as can be!! LOVE them!

  10. BOTH of the cards are amazing! I am especially drawn to the guitar card - adorable!

  11. ´Wowsers<! Love both of your cards, that guitar nut will be super happy recieving that one!!! And WOW! LOVE what you did out of the sketch! Super cute owl and all!!!

  12. So glad you found us at 365 Cards and shared your stunning work!!!


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