Thursday, 13 May 2010

Is it 18 January 2011 yet ?!???

Oh my...I have been in an excited stupor since yesterday evening - when I found out that my future husband *sigh* is coming to Southampton to play with {{ Thin Lizzy }}...
** photo by Ash Newell **
Yup, the dude with the hottest pair of moobs in the biz (some men this man makes the male chest very desirable), is gonna be in town - 7 years after I have last seen him, play with Def Leppard in Portsmouth. I really cannot wait to feast my eyes on Mr {{ Vivian Campbell }}. It also helps that {{ Ricky Warwick }} is joining the project on vocals...he is one wickedly cool dude as well. I am so gonna be counting down the days already...he he. Tickets go on sale tomorrow and I think I may become hysterical by the time the order lines open

In all that excitement, I still managed to channel my overflowing energy into creating a quick card for the most recent {{ ICS Challenge #66 }}.
I have been wanting to play along for like ages, but missed the deadline every darn time...but not so this time. Like I said, channeling all my Viv-energy I flipped the sketch 90 degrees to the left and came up with this card, using the {{ Mushes Set }} from {{ Some Odd Girl}} and the divine papers from {{ 3ndypapir }}

** click on images to enlarge **


  1. oh, goomie.
    you're planning on giving this to him, right? (tee hee!)

    SO blippin' cute. i love those mushes, and i love it when others do fabby things with them. you did! you are nifty!

  2. wow! colouring is fab..... what do you use? copics?

  3. I lurv the card!!! The sentiment (esp how you made it) is particularly awesome!

    I must say though (before Leah can) the orangey flesh color might not be the best choice for that specific mush LMAO!!!!!!!

    Leah said it first!!! *points finger in Leah's direction*


  4. See, I prefer Darren Wharton over Viv especially back in his Dare days....YUM!!!

  5. great fun card, love your mushies, hope you get your tickets, thanks for playing over at ICS this week,

  6. Kristy!!!!!!!!!!! Holy I won't be able to look at that mushy in the same light again...gnnaaaaahhhhh

  7. Robin - I use ProMarkers, they are like Copics only cheaper :)

  8. what a great card! you are super at coming up with the perfect sentiment :) (afraid i have to concur about the mushie lol)

    and you are too funny, going on about your future hubby and his moobs...hope you snagged some tickets before you melted into a pool of goo!

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  10. i'm lullzing over here - i didn't have the ballsssss to say it, but our dear Kristy has spoken da troof! :) sorry, Kimmeh! hee hee!

  11. Just don't color him fleshy and it will be all good! LMAO!!!

    my bullocks are occasionally big heehee

  12. Very cute card! Thanks for joining us at ICS this week!

  13. wohooo, how cool is this!!!!
    btw, great card!! ;)

  14. WOWser Kim totally love your card. Fabulous take on the sketch. Thanks for playing.


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