Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Northern Splendours Pt III

You thought I'd forgotten, right?
To carry on with my pictures from my Norway voyage, right?


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I had so many other bits to share that I put the piccies on the back burner, but here we are now -with the next stop at {{ Lofoten Islands }}

Famed for its wildlife, I actually had no intention to go ashore as I was tired from the previous two days and I also did not want to go on any of the (quite expensive) shore excursions.

Well, while I sat in one of the sun beds and looked around, I figured I should go - nothing to loose, right? And I would only kick myself afterwards having been at the Islands and not getting off. Because, let's face it - this is not a place you would specifically choose to be your main point of destination on a holiday.

So, I placed my behind in one of the tender boats and off I went ashore - the following picture was taken through a glass window. I am really pleased how it turned out, especially the Comoran taking off!
The water was crystal clear and to my surprise - HEAVING with jellyfish (pictures did not come out though)

Upon arrival at the Island, I found that the port information was pretty much bang on with the statement "there is nothing to do/see unless you go on a guided tour". There really was nothing there, other than one hill which you could climb on and have some sort of elevated view over the area. Some nice flowers and berries around but that was really it - oh the excitement of it all.
I took the shuttle bus into the next town and found that there was also nothing there...other than one wee shopping center and a cafe, bless.

But I was glad I went, because at least now I know I haven't missed anything and I got to see some form of wildlife. Just think that this could greet you in the waters of the Lofoten...


Any idea what fellas these pretties are? I know, but I wanna see your guesses in the comments section please.
There is a RAK in it:)

When we got back on the tender boat we had a really fantastic chauffeur/driver/captain steering-dude (heck knows what you call them when they drive tenders) who took us all the way below Queen Mary 2's bow while we were waiting for our berth to clear. The photo opportunity was just mind blowing and I think I may have even squeaked out loud in excitement at some stage...

The next stop was another one of those "do-I-really-need-to-get-off" tender ports at the {{ North Cape }}.

Watcha think - did I or didn't I?


  1. great pics... the last shot of the boat is stunning!!

  2. EW, dude, piranha? like, the hugest kind there exists? absolutely hideous! the rest of the pics are gorje, however.

  3. beautiful beautiful pics! and the bow of the ship....amazing!! that fish...i'm pretty sure the true name is hellfish. i'm right, right? :P

    thanks again for sharing your vaca photos!

  4. What wonderful photos!! It sounds lik you had an incredible time. I have no idea about the sharptoothed fish but it looks like it's probably a type of ancient fish that might have been around when the dinosaursroamed the earth.

  5. Wow, beautiful pics! You look amazing!!!!! That fish is gross though!


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