Sunday, 5 June 2011

I am back!

Wow, what a trip it has been - for the last ten days I have been working on board Queen Mary 2 and it was a real eye opener. The girls and boys on board work so hard: 10 - 12 hours every day, without a weekend in between and each contract generally last for about 6 months. Some of them have not set a foot on land in that time.

After 7 days I started to feel the tiredness creeping in and almost fell asleep in the chair, when I visited my parents....but regardless of the working hours, I really enjoyed my time and in all honesty, if I would not be in a relationship, I would want to work on board.

I have been able to escort a few Shore Excursions in Stavanger, Oslo and Denmark and once I have uploaded the pictures I will share them on the blog.

Until then I leave you with a layout I created this month for Papermaze, focussing on Monochromatics.
You can see the full post {here}

**click on image to enlarge**


  1. love the layout- so amazing with the little dots - glad you had a great time.

  2. I think working on a cruise ship would be absolutely exhausting. Waaaaay too much work for this old gal. ;)
    Love your layout. That photo is adorable. I always love your misted background and how you scatters little bits and bobs around. Looks so amazing.


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