Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Crochet - The Slipper-Socks

I am currently totally into crocheting socks again.

Whilst there have been failures along the way (too small, too big, too ugly, too scratchy, too thin, too thick), I think I have found my "rhythm" now and am almost at a stage where I do not have to refer back to my instructions from this book:
Source: Amazon

Yes, some of the socks look ghastly, but if you ignore the colour combinations of some of them you will find that they are actually really fun to do.

It is pretty much one basic pattern with a few different twists but at the moment I am just sticking with the basic sock. You may have seen my previous pairs crocheted here but this time I wanted to do something a little different.
I decided not to stitch the cuff together but leave it open and adorn it with some buttons - I call these my slipper socks as the yarn makes them very durable and they are perfect to be worn like slippers around the house.

Since I finished the slipper socks, I started on another pair using some gorgeous 50/50 wool /arcylic mix which I picked up at John Lewis the other day. 
The yarn is Wendy Norse Chunky and it retails at around £2.80 per 50g.
Unfortunately it has a very low running length and it looks like my new socks will turn out to be quite expensive in the end...but the yarn feels soooooooooooo great!
If  you look very closely you may be able to spot that I have used a different stitch for the main body of he sock and so far I am loving it.

And because one WIP project is never enough for me, I also have a scarf on the go, making use of all my leftover Patons Smoothie DK yarns and following the awesome and super-easy pattern from Anazard

So, now I need your help - I have these scrummy balls of Sidar yarn waiting to be used but I just cannot make up my mind as to how... I have more scarves than I will ever be able to wear, I don't need more socks or pillow cases or blankets - so, what's a girl to do?

If you have any suggestions for me that would be great and if you have a link to a specific pattern which you think may work well with those yarns I would be even so grateful of you link me up in the comments section.

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  1. Very cute slipper socks and the new ones look really soft and lovely! I have a pair that my gran crocheted for me years ago that I used to love and wear all the time. They have started to wear away a bit so I don't wear them anymore but still keep them for sentimental reasons!:)

  2. Such fun stuff, Kim! Loving your slipper socks! I would be living in those. :)
    How about making some Christmas stockings with your Sirdar yarn? The colors would be non-traditional, I know, but pink is SO sweet for the holidays.

  3. i love your slipper socks! they look so comfy and warm :) no idea on what to use your sirdar yarn grandma always just crocheted afghans!


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