Saturday, 24 December 2011

Crochet YAY - Ornaments

Memba THIS post? 
I asked what you may think those cute circles would be turned into and no one guessed it :)
They were my first attempt at making some ornaments - no instructions, I just did them from scratch.
Well, ok the circle motif is not one I whipped up, I got the pattern from 150 Blocks to Knit and Crochet and then I just thought of  good way on how I could turn them into an ornament.
I crocheted two circles together by using SC stitches along the edge with a different colour yarn. I left a small opening which allowed me to stuff the inside until the ornament was nice and fluffy. 

The amount of stuffing really depends on how round/firm you want the ornament to be - I left it somewhat squishy so they could be used alternatively as a pin cushion.

I made a total of five ornaments as they were intended to be the Christmas gifts for my co-workers at the office. Every year they get something handmade from me and in addition to the ornaments they all got a bag of some scrummy homemade flapjacks
Naturally, Mr P and I had to do some serious quality control before those flapjacks were given the go-ahead to be packed up, ready for delivery.
I am happy to report that my co-workers loved their little surprise gift


  1. Wow, what a cool idea! Love, love that you turned your love of crochet into a handmade gift. So perfect and so adorable! Your co-workers are lucky folks! Your tags are just gorgeous, too, and what yummy looking treats.
    Wishing you and Mr. P and very Merry Christmas, Kim!

  2. super cute ornaments! your treats look yummy...but what are they exactly? here flapjacks is another word for pancakes :)


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