Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Crochet YAY - The Socks (again)

I have so many WIP's going at the moment (see this post), that I am actually surprised I finish ANY right now...but there yes, they are starting to all become YAY's swiftly.

Memba when I started on the burgundy socks? I tried a different stitch for the main body of the sock too (see this post) and now they are finally done.

To tell you the truth, the picture doesn't do them justice - they look uneven and crooked here and the colour does not show as dark and rich as it really is.

They turned out to be quite expensive at £10.40 (approx $17.00) for the pair which I would NEVER, EVAH pay for shop bought socks, but I just adore to wear something that I created and they are soooooooooooo soft and snuggly.

But, my next pair are going to be knitted, as I want some thinner socks and with crocheting you only seem to be able to achieve this thick look.

 I'd be interested to know - how much money would you pay for a pairs of socks?
Shop bought or handmade?


  1. Those are so adorable, Kim! They look so cozy and snuggly! I have to tell you that I am an el-cheapo when it comes to socks. Just hate to spend the money on them. I did, however, just pick up a whole boatload of fuzzy socks from Old Navy for $3/pair. :)

  2. that looks gorgeous! what are you talking about!! if it's handmade.. i would pay more than the amount you paid for it.. because, well, its handmade. and I can't knit to save my ass. haha!! loving the colors!

  3. Wow those are some expensive socks! I think that is just the way of all of it these days, it is cheaper for me to buy a ready made dress up costume for my kids if they need one for school than to make them one! I remember when my mother used to make our clothes because it was cheaper than buying them in the shops but these days the materials are all so expensive! I usually pay a couple of pounds for a pair of nice fluffy socks but would pay a bit more for handmade ones :)

  4. oh super cute! my feet are always cold so i live in fluffy socks :)


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