Wednesday, 29 February 2012

WIP Wednesday

I have another knitted WIP to share here today and this one is very special....but not in a good way, or maybe it is - well, judge for yourself.

What's so special about this? I can hear ye ask....well, for one it is the THIRD time that I am following this particular pattern. I did finish it as well way back in 2008, but as I was really huge at the time I had to frog it and start again to finally finish it in 2009 after I shed lots of weight.

 I think I have a thing about green..when it comes to this dress.
(the blog post about it is here if you fancy reading it...but you will need to scroll a bit down).

When I finished it the second time I never really got to wear it because I was still loosing weight and it just did not look right. I was in no mood to frog it again and just gave it to the Charity shop. It was actually placed on display in the front window, which made me kinda proud. When I came back the next day to take a picture it was already least it went to good use as someone must have like it!

But I digress and my story doesn't end here just yet.

Last November I started on a jumper with my Rowan Handknit Cotton (which I am now using for the above WIP), the beginning of which can be seen here. I got right to the last bit when I had to combine the left front panel via a cable pattern with the right panel. After four failed attempts I gave up and frogged it.

At the beginning of January I asked here what I should be doing with my Rowan Handknit Cotton, as my first attempt of a shrug ended up being frogged - again.
So, I started working on the second pattern listed which I saw through until it came to the first front panel - no matter how hard I studied, it did not make sense at all and the front did not correspond with the back.
Naturally, I frogged it.

Next victim, a cardigan - frogged.
Then another jumper - frogged.
A sleeveless vest - frogged.

So, I am truly hoping that this time I am seeing this project through - at least I know that the pattern is easy enough for me to follow as I did it before, but I think for some reason I am jinxed with this particular yarn.
If this attempt does not produce something worthwhile I am going to banish that yarn from my home!

Check out some other WIP's - which I am sure are much more likely to become FP's than mine, over at Tami's blog.


  1. OMGoodness, what a story! I've got my fingers crossed that this yarn works for you this time!

  2. 15th time's a charm? LOL. Good luck with this one. At this point it should be old hat.

  3. I would've snatched up that dress in a minizule, too!

    I totally get all the frogging. It's so hard to commit when there're so many things you want to knit. I hope this one sticks. If it doesn't, it's okay, too ;)

  4. Wow, what a history for both the yarn and the project! Congrats on all the weight loss, and fingers crossed for the yarn.pattern combo this time around!

  5. That is a beautiful dress! Well worth making it yet again. I can't wait to see you modeling it!


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